Dungeon Master

John Tyr Cretsinger

Tyr is a veteran Dungeon Master with 30 years of experience. He was brought into the hobby by random chance and has made a home there. He is a lover of Geek culture and a die hard Warhammer 40k player. He is also a writer, poet and history enthusiast. Tyr is a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ Community. Follow him on twitter @Tyr_The_DM

Dreft Vighterkeen

A member of the Angromora Exchange Program, Dreft Vighterkeen is a slender pale elf dressed in simple black clothes. Traveling to Keep Gregarian at the wishes of his Mistress, Dreft hopes to make her proud.

Played by Patrick Taylor

A bisexual geek trying to learn how to live on the internet, Patrick has been role-playing since he first encountered a giant snake while trying to rescue a cleric. Patrick's pronouns are he/they, and you can find him on twitter @peculiarpatrick

Brekke (Bree-kah)

Brekke is a 5ft elf who has a very slender willowy build with very pale pearlescent skin that has hints of lavender in certain light. Wavy deep indigo hair falls to her shoulders and is broken by an acid green streak at each temple. Her eyes are brilliant green almost the same color as the green that streaks her hair. She wears a rainbow colored robe that has eye designs all over it, her eyes and the eyes on the robe always seem to be watching never blinking and never looking away, its like she can see everything even into the depths of your soul.

Played by Ames

Just a geeky/nerd/ gamer lady who loves all things Fantasy, some Sci Fi, and Horror. Also super into murder documentaries that are great to watch while crocheting something awesome. Ames is a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and is a HUGE supporter of equal rights for all HUMANS. You'll find her all over Twitter as @lolligphapho WOTD's social media fairy.


Played by Lochlain "loch" Clarke

Loch is a Queer-Polyam Cis Male who started playing D&D 1st ed, when he was 8yrs old. He joined the SCA in 2000 as a heavy fighter. He loves movie props, FPS & Stealth action video games, tattoos, and considers himself a member of multiple Geeky Fandom communities. Follow Loch on twitter @LochTheUnruly


Shy, quiet, and reserved Nan keeps to herself a lot. Standing 5 feet tall, with plain brown hair and eyes, the elf spends more time talking to herself than to others. A cartographer by trade, she has found herself moving about as she goes from job to job.

Played by Ren Matley

Ren got involved with playing D&D when a friend brought her along to a game 20 years ago, and has been playing on and off ever since. She is a lover of history, roller derby, and all things nerdy. Ren is also a proud member and supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. Follow her on twitter @Ren_Matley

Sar'ek of the Blade (Dragonborn/Fighter)

At 6'9", Sar'ek is a soft spoken and introspective soul. He has been a sell-sword for over 20 years. He is tired at this point in his life, having seen petty dark side of life, the bullies, and the down-trodden. He is looking to retire soon, just one last job.....

Played by Raff the Mad

I have been playing DnD and other Tabletop RPG's for over 30 years. I have been a Dungeon Master for most of that time. In addition, I am highly involved on tabletop boardgames/wargaming as well. I can be found on Twitter @blkdragon13000