Dungeon Master

John Tyr Cretsinger

Tyr is a veteran Dungeon Master with 30 years of experience. He was brought into the hobby by random chance and has made a home there. He is a lover of Geek culture and a die hard Warhammer 40k player. He is also a writer, poet and history enthusiast. Tyr is a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ Community. Follow him on twitter @Tyr_The_DM


A perfectly normal human fighter with no knowledge of his past. Brawny, quirky, and really doesn't know when to shut up. Pants was saved by Sampson the Caring and taught about the world around him. Now he travels seeking not only the answers of himself, but the questions too.

Played by Patrick Taylor

Patrick Taylor is a writer, actor, and musician on Peculiarpatrick, a YouTube channel. Follow him on Twitter @peculiarpatrick for memes and music. Patrick has been playing D&D since his first encounter with a giant venomous snake and a cleric named Aleena from the Basic Set. He is a member of the LGBT+ community.

Dandi Santhi Gelbean Gigglebox Monfrey

A happy little gnome with light caramel skin and strawberry blonde hair. This young gnome was orphaned at the age of 10 and grew up learning the tricks of the streets to survive, never letting however bleak her surrounding seemed to be to get her spirits down.

Played by Shelly Lewis

Shelly grew up with both parents playing table top RPGs. At 11 she started playing her first table top and her first LARP, and at 18 she joined the SCA where she's taken a keen interest in bardics.You can follow Shelly on twitter @SweetShelles

Kharach Stoutheart

Kharach is a full-blooded Orc, War Domain Cleric of Garth Dokeen - God of Glorious Death. He is 6'11" 356lbs, with blue-grey skin, red hair and beard, with 2 sets of lower tusks, he wears plate armour and carries a shield and Warhammer. Kharach left his tribe at a young age on a cultural exchange, he attended the Helmsson military academy and served a term in the Iron Sage Army's renowned 9-9th squad. Now his tour has ended and he is heading back to his people for the first time in 10 years, not knowing what awaits him at home, he is letting the fates guide his path back to his people, trusting he will get there when the time is right.

Played by Lochlain "loch" Clarke

Loch is a Queer-Polyam Cis Male who started playing D&D 1st ed, when he was 8yrs old. He joined the SCA in 2000 as a heavy fighter. He loves movie props, FPS & Stealth action video games, tattoos, and considers himself a member of multiple Geeky Fandom communities. Follow Loch on twitter @LochTheUnruly


A 19 year old shadow magic sorcerer. With her deathly pale skin, ice blue eyes, dark blue and purple hair the 5'2 half-elf often finds herself rejected by those around her. Forced to leave her home in the small town of Wells Deep to attend a prestigious school for magic users, she is now trying to navigate life in the big city of Langronton.

Played by Ren Matley

Ren got involved with playing D&D when a friend brought her along to a game 20 years ago, and has been playing on and off ever since. She is a lover of history, roller derby, and all things nerdy. Ren is also a proud member and supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. Follow her on twitter @Ren_Matley

Ziraj Ziraj is the matronly mother figure of the Scions of Oblivion. A Circle of the Stars Druid hailing from the Lost Isle of Istrazilan, she saw omens and dark tidings in the celestial bodies above. She left her home and her wife to seek out the Scions and join their cause before the darkness that was foretold reached her home and her family. She will stop at nothing to protect those she cares about, and will call down the fury of nature to stop evil.

Played by John Sedlack

John Sedlack is a filmmaker, gamer, DM, podcaster and most recently a Dad. John started his Dungeons and Dragons career as a cast member on the Dungeon Drunks podcast (now the Distinguished Adventurers Podcast) and in 2021 joined the Scions of Oblivion as a guest, and then eventually as a cast member. In addition to his podcasting and streaming shenanigans, John has written for the DnD Adventurers League program, as part of the Tarot adventures. His works can be found on DMsGuild. When not doing anything DnD related, he can usually be found in the kitchen, so if you're looking for him start there or you can try Twitter or Instagram at That_Film_Guy.