Dungeon Master

John Tyr Cretsinger

Tyr is a veteran Dungeon Master with 30 years of experience. He was brought into the hobby by random chance and has made a home there. He is a lover of Geek culture and a die hard Warhammer 40k player. He is also a writer, poet and history enthusiast. Tyr is a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ Community. Follow him on twitter @Tyr_The_DM


A slightly shorter loxodon, Sha'riiz is the miracle child of Ziraj, famous heroine, Currently on sarguzasht, Sha'riiz wants to see it all, do it all, and not necessarily in that order!

Played by Patrick Taylor

A bisexual geek trying to learn how to live on the internet, Patrick has been role-playing since he first encountered a giant snake while trying to rescue a cleric. Patrick's pronouns are he/they, and you can find him on twitter @peculiarpatrick


The daughter of Karach Shadowstalker and a woman of the evening from the Cashmere Rose, Winter is a 30 year old half Tabaxi half Orc fighter with blue/gray fur and brilliant blue eyes she takes after her mother except for her size and short bottom tusks. Given all of her equipment and tutors from her doting parents and Uncle Baynard, she's tried making a name fore herself as a tourney fighter.

Played by Alice

Alice grew up with both parents playing table top RPGs. At 11 she started playing her first table top and her first LARP, and at 18 she joined the SCA where she's taken a keen interest in bardics.You can follow Shelly on twitter @SweetShelles


Played by Lochlain "loch" Clarke

Loch is a Queer-Polyam Cis Male who started playing D&D 1st ed, when he was 8yrs old. He joined the SCA in 2000 as a heavy fighter. He loves movie props, FPS & Stealth action video games, tattoos, and considers himself a member of multiple Geeky Fandom communities. Follow Loch on twitter @LochTheUnruly


Despite being 2 feet 8 inches tall, Calyra always tries to stand out in the crowd. With her vibrant purple hair, full curvy figure, and excitable personality she's hard to miss. Growing up the daughter of not one, but two heroes who are now important figures in her home land, she's used to getting her way with a pout or a smile. And now that she's traveling alone for the first time, she's ready to try new things, or cause mischief.

Played by Ren Matley

Ren got involved with playing D&D when a friend brought her along to a game 20 years ago, and has been playing on and off ever since. She is a lover of history, roller derby, and all things nerdy. Ren is also a proud member and supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. Follow her on twitter @Ren_Matley


Tiami is a 6'2" white minotaur cleric with blue tips to her hair. She has topped her horns in metal filigree that matches her many earrings and nose ring. Raised in a life of privilege, she is self assured. She eager to not only prove herself to the world, but to delve her hidden depths.

Played by Christina Harris

Christina has been a D&D enthusiast for almost 40 years. She also has been Logistics Manager of a local LARP on and off for 17 years. She loves all things nerdy and/or geeky, plus the family she has found in that community. Follow her on twitter @TiaMorsoscula.